‘11 Happiest Values' are the purest nectar of the world's greatest wisdoms, science and life-changing global journeys and experiences of our founder, Ael Ma PJ. All members must always practice 11 Happiest Values in 'Happiest Community™ including in our social media platform.

11 Happiest Values

1st Happiest Value

Love Yourself, Love Everyone and Live Fully! Don’t hate anyone or yourself. Don’t live half-heartedly. Don’t let your life slip away without having a lot of fun in your life!

Love yourself and others freely. Live fully. Have a lot of fun without any hesitation throughout your life, from a young age till your last day on earth. Let go of all hesitations. Cook, eat, play, dance, travel, enjoy and have a lot of fun with your happiest community friends. Don't care about the stigmas. In your relationships, be absolutely free to love your lovers in any and all different ways as you mutually please and consent!

2nd Happiest Value

Have Kindness, Humility and Positivity inside and around you. Don’t let negativity impact you negatively.

Be kind and humble, and radiate positive energy inside and outside. Always surround yourself with kind, positive and humble people. Never let any negativity and toxicity to impact you negatively by practicing compassion and self-control. When you work, live and surround yourself with kind, positive and humble people like yourself then you blossom into your happiest, truest and best self, you feel loved, fulfilled and confident, you feel a sense of purpose, you feel good about yourself and others around you. On the other hand, being in a negative and toxic environment can make you feel lonely, lost, hopeless, unauthentic and unhappy. Therefore, be with kind & positive people with whom you feel happy. Be at 'Happiest Community' where kind, positive and humble people collaborate, work, prosper, enjoy and be happy together; where everyone is respectful, humble, grateful and compassionate towards each other; where we all share joy and grief without hesitation and pretension. Outside 'Happiest Community', whenever you face any negativity then have compassion towards people who behave negatively because they are suffering from mental disorder, toxic environment or other unfortunate circumstances which force them to think and behave negatively. However, you must also be smart and strong enough to not let any negativity and toxicity impact you negatively.

3rd Happiest Value

Be your Authentic best-self in mind, in body, in action. Do not live a pretentious life.

Find your authentic-self through meditation. Then be your authentic best-self in mind, in body, in action. What you think, what you say and what you do must be in harmony. When people think something else, say something else and do something else then they lose self-trust, peace and happiness and try to rationalize this behavior, however remember that rationalization is a lie to ourselves. Don't lie to yourself. Be authentic.

4th Happiest Value

Dare to realize your True Ambition. Never chase after 'herd-mentality' dreams.

Pursue the dreams that genuinely make you happy and dare to realize your dreams. Never chase after 'herd-mentality' dreams that don’t make you happy. When you desire money, recognition, success, sex, comfort, resources and opportunities, what you actually desire is to be happy. Therefore, pursue what makes you truly happy at the core. When you do that then your pursuit and use of money, success, comfort and your ambitions will never make you feel guilty, lonely. lost and unhappy. Naturally, fears, hurdles, problems and adversities will come in your way. Despite these challenges, pursue your dreams. Do it anyway. Do it with what you have. Do it with all your insecurities. Do it with what you already know. Start where you are. Start small. Start Now. Move towards the goal. Learn from mistakes. Don’t let anything stop you. Let your example encourage and inspire others.

5th Happiest Value

Be Grateful for your life, time, opportunities and make the best use of them. Don’t squander them.

Always be grateful for the opportunities, resources and privileges that you have earned and that you are gifted with such as time, money and your life! Make the best & happiest use of these gifts through self-discipline. Be grateful and make the happiest use of the opportunities, resources and privileges that you earn and are gifted with such as time, money, freedom, community, your health, your mind, your talents, your life! Be grateful for all the valuable experiences, wisdom, knowledge, skills and expertise that you gained and make the happiest use of all these in the areas of your interests - be it in technology, artificial intelligence, NFT, finance, sports, art, entertainment, food, education, healthcare or any other areas through self-dicipline. When you do that then everything you have, everything you are pursuing and everything you will have will always make you happy! Do not allow yourself to squander these amazing gifts that nature gave you, the achievements you make and the opportunities you get. Make happiest use of them.

6th Happiest Value

Be self-disciplined and be mentally & physically healthy. Don’t ruin your health.

Take very good care of your physical and mental health. Never harm your health. How you treat your physical & mental health impacts everything in your life. If your health is destroyed then your life will be destroyed. Don't let that happen. Therefore, always do everything you can to keep your physical & mental health in the best shape.

7th Happiest Value

Connect with diverse humans at the deepest level of Oneness. Never compare people.

Celebrate diversity and connect with people at a human-level. Never compare people. Be a human first. Your human identity must come before all your other identities. Recognize, respect and celebrate all types of human diversity, however connect with people at a deeper human-level beyond all labels and outer differences. Never judge anyone and never compare people with each other because doing so destroys inner & outer peace, harmony and joy.

8th Happiest Value

Work for Collective Prosperity. Don’t try to do everything on your own. Don’t cheat. Don’t be greedy.

Work together for shared prosperity & happiness. Do not cheat and never be greedy. Sincerely work together for shared prosperity. Ask for help and help others.

9th Happiest Value

Respect, protect and connect with Mother Nature. Do not harm or distance yourself from Mother Nature.

Us humans are not separate from Mother Nature - our bodies, our health are part of Nature. Therefore, how we treat the Nature impacts our life and everything else because everything in the Nature is connected right from the galaxies to every human cell and every bit of our consumption and development including your own personal health & wealth. If the Nature is destroyed then everything will be destroyed. Don't let that happen. Always respect, protect and connect with Mother Nature.

10th Happiest Value

Help & Encourage each other and Let Go of your Ego. Never wish bad for anyone.

Help, encourage and inspire each other. Never be egocentric and never wish bad for anyone. Let go of your ego and all your grudges. Exit the 'universal cycle of suffering' by letting go of grudges, greed, ego, attachments, negativity, bad intentions, hate and imposed labels. Let your example encourage and inspire others.

11th Happiest Value

Live in the Present, Benefit from the Past and together Make the Happiest Future for all! Don’t live in the past and don’t miss the present at the cost of planning the future!

Do not live in the past, benefit from the past. And together with your Happiest Community friends, make the happiest future for all! And above all, make the happiest use of the present moment!