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11 Happiest Values

11 Happiest Values are the purest nectar of world’s greatest wisdoms, scientific insights and life-changing global journeys and experiences of our founder, Ael Ma PJEvery human longs for Happiness and seeks a community where you belong and can blossom into your happiest-self. Instead, most people remain stuck where you don’t belong, feeling lonely & unfulfilled all life long. Therefore, Ael Ma PJ founded ‘Happiest Community’™, the universal community of happiness for you to be your happiest-self by living '11 Happiest Values' with one another in ‘Happiest Community’™ and together 'Make Humanity Happy'™.

Just Knowing ‘11 Happiest Values’ is NOTHING, practicing them is EVERYTHING. Therefore, 'Happiest Community™ welcomes all the people who take the following pledge:
I pledge to live the ‘11 Happiest Values’ at all times, in-person and online with my fellow members of ‘Happiest Community’.