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The story of 'Happiest Community' is a story of undeterred human quest for a better, happier, meaningful and fulfilled life; and ultimately together living the Happiest life, one that of abundant love, prosperity and happiness for all!


‘Happiest Community’ was founded by Aaél Ma PJ who spent the early years of his life in a place where he never truly felt he belonged. He braved through financial challenges, forced religion and bullying for being an outsider until the day he had prepared himself to leave all that behind for a better future. With a resolute courage, buoyed by steadfast support and a humble sum bestowed by his loving mother, Aaél set forth on a transformative odyssey, driven by the pursuit of employment and the beginnings of a fresh existence. He secured a fascinating position in multifaceted consulting industry and with hard work, he soon established himself as an accomplished international business executive, propelling himself into an accelerated trajectory of a globally flamboyant lifestyle residing in the world's grandest metropolises and ceaselessly roaming the world, visiting countless renowned and far-flung destinations to expand business. Aaél lived on an extraordinary constant voyage, spanning continents, persistently broadening his intellectual horizons, collaborating with business leaders and visionary minds in the realms of technology, acquiring profound insights in novel industries and cutting-edge technologies, immersing himself in the tapestry of diverse cultures, savoring the opulence and marveling at the wonders of the world!

However, life has a way of nudging us towards a greater purpose. A series of life-changing events jolted Aaél’s soul awake. Close brushes with death, untimely demise of friends, facing discrimination and witnessing poverty while volunteering & traveling awakened a deep longing within him to understand the true nature of these human conditions and to forge a meaningful path, one that would bring inner peace, genuine prosperity and true happiness, not just to himself, but to all.

And so, one fateful day, Aaél made a momentous decision. He summoned the courage to leave behind his lucrative job & comfortable life in London, and set off on years-long transformative journey living & traveling across the world. Aaél’s attempts to make a difference took various forms - volunteering, establishing an NGO, starting a social enterprise and funding local businesses, all in search of that elusive fulfillment. Yet, none of these pursuits brought him the fulfillment he so longed for, instead, Aaél encountered the painful reality of being deceived by those he helped greatly and placed his utmost trust in.

Aaél decided to turn to the wisdom of ages, deeply study the works of great humans, focus on self-improvement, spend time with his parents and build a new life. He started new business ventures, a research & consulting platform and a hospitality business with his mother, while maintaining his focus on finding the answers that he was seeking in the depths of his heart. He reached out to scholars. He spent prolonged time in monasteries & wilderness practicing meditation. He delved into the works of great scientists, economists, entrepreneurs and reformers. He sought guidance from Buddha, Jesus, Lao Tsu, Socrates, Aurelius, Confucius, Marx, Nietzsche, Freud, Osho and Nanak. He drew inspiration from Gandhi, Deng Xiaoping, Lincoln, Churchill, Mandela, Lee Kuan Yew, Obama, Oprah and MLK. He studied the economic approach of Rockefeller, Vanderbilt, Carnegie, Ford, Jobs, Jack Ma and Tata. In parallel, Aaél deeply reflected upon his own vastly diverse experiences — from corporate & glamorous life in the world’s top cities to living meditative life in spiritual centers and wilderness; from daring expeditions to culturally rich travels around the world. Aaél is truly blessed to have received tremendous support from his mother, sister and closest friends during this testing & pivotal phase of his life.

Slowly but surely, with time, reflection and careful introspection, pieces of grand puzzle start falling into place as Aaél tirelessly synthesized the essence of these profound learnings. Step by step, Aaél distilled the nectar of thousands of years of collective human wisdom, scientific findings, best practices from economics & business management and invaluable life lessons from around the world into a set of universal core human values, which he named the '11 Happiest Values''. The amalgamation of the key lessons from human history over ages, science, economics and Aaél’s profound global experiences revealed that when people collectively live ‘Happiest Values’, we create abundant love, happiness and prosperity, even in the face of the most challenging times. Conversely, when people neglect these values, they fall into loneliness, unhappiness and negativity, which is exactly what is happening today in our societies, schools, workplaces and of course, in social media. It became clear to Aaél that Happiest Values hold immense power to transform lives and more than ever, now is the time when humanity needs to live by these values in order to redirect the human race from the path of self-destruction to a new path of abundant prosperity, love, peace and happiness.

Happiest Community

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The community has an inbuilt ecosystem of diverse and constantly updated platforms for various human needs.

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Aaél Ma PJ


Circa 2021 AD

Aaél Ma PJ

Aaél Ma PJ founded Happiest Community as a result of everything he learned from living, working, traveling and experiencing life in many different ways across the world for decades and from profound experiences with vastly diverse people across the spectrum.

11 Happiest Life Values, Happiest Community

11 Happiest Values are the foundation of Happiest Community. These values are the nectar of thousands of years of collective human wisdom, scientific findings, best practices from economics and years of life lessons from sharing profound experiences with diverse people across the spectrum throughout the world.

Therefore, Aaél took upon himself to lay the foundation of a new global community where humanity can freely & fearlessly embrace 'Happiest Life Values' in every aspect of life. Thus, the world’s "Happiest Community" was born with a simple mission: 'To Together Live Happiest Life’ by collectively living ‘Happiest Life Values’ in everything - from work, technology & finance to fun, travels and romance through diverse inbuilt platforms, such as ‘Happiest Work’ platform for people to prosper & find fulfillment in work, ‘Happiest Lifestyle’ platform that provides an avenue for commerce aligning with ethical & sustainable prosperity, ‘Happiest Connect’ platform that facilitates meaningful connections & encourages authentic engagement, nurturing bonds that transcended superficialities, and more evergrowing inbuilt platforms within “Happiest Community”, providing a vibrant ecosystem for people to thrive & be their happiest-self in all aspects of their lives. Each platform is guided by Happiest Life Values, fostering a culture of love and an environment where all the people flourish and contribute to their own, each other’s and the collective happiness & prosperity of the community. Within ‘Happiest Community’, a world of possibilities unfolds as the inbuilt platforms serve as the catalyst for community members to thrive & live their happiest lives, fostering meaningful human bonds and reshaping the very fabric of our society.


'Happiest Community' is now being built in phases. All those who seek a life of purpose, love and genuine happiness & prosperity can now apply to join Happiest Community for free. 'Happiest Community' is the evergrowing sanctuary for people to live by Happiest Life Values and together create a world where we collectively overcome challenges, where love & prosperity flow abundantly and where we replace loneliness & unhappiness with unity & fulfillment. In the deepest core, every single human yearns for a more meaningful & fulfilling life, which is what we all live at Happiest Community. Let your life not slip by without ever knowing true happiness and living a life of purpose & authenticity. Through the power of collective action, let’s together transform our lives and that of others. Let’s live by 11 Happiest Life Values, creating a ripple effect that extends to every corner & edge of the world. We believe that by living Happiest Life Values together, we can create a world filled with love, happiness, and genuine prosperity. Therefore, we welcome people from every corner of the globe to join us in building & growing the world’s Happiest Community where good human values are not just words on paper but lived experiences, transforming individuals and society at large.

With hope in our heart and the wisdom of the ages as our guide, we invite people from all walks of life to live your Happiest Life and experience the transformative power of Happiest Life Values. Let us all come together and forge a path towards creating a new world where fear & anxiety are replaced by boundless joy, where you can be your authentic self, where love and prosperity prevail, where life’s difficulties are mere stepping stones, where humanity thrives in harmony, where every heart flourishes with love & kindness, where we ignite the power within ourselves to live Happiest Life Values, transcending borders and transforming lives. Join us, for the world is waiting for you to make a difference and the world's Happiest Community is calling your name. Join us at this intersection of technology, compassion and human connection as we revolutionize work, redefine shopping experience and build social connections like never before.

Come, embark with us on this extraordinary adventure, where the true essence of life is uncovered. Let’s together set forth on a path paved with hope, love, trust and the promise of a brighter tomorrow. Join us in living Happiest Life Values and spreading love, unity, joy and prosperity globally echoing in the heart of every human, and stirring the whole humanity with a newfound sense of hope & possibility. And so, with a heart full of hope and determination, we beckon all to join us here, in the world's Happiest Community to bask in the warm glow of love, joy and prosperity that emerges from living Happiest Life Values. Come, live your Happiest Life!

In this story of one man's quest for true happiness, each one of us finds a reflection of our own yearnings & dreams. The journey of Aaél Ma PJ is but one example of the transformative power that lies within each and every one of us. As long as you are breathing, you can change your life and change the world. And as long as we stand united, we can overcome the biggest challenges and build a brighter future for all. Even in the face of adversity, the human spirit will always rise above as long as we stay united & live Happiest Life Values. So come, let us all unite and collectively live Happiest Life Values, and together make the world better, happier, more loving and prosperous for ourselves and for generations to come!

Happiest Community is being built to become the best of humanity put together from every field - science, economics, spirituality, culture, anthropology, technology, healthcare, food, environment sustainability, art, media and many other areas combined with personal lived experiences in a wide range of different ways throughout the world.

Come, join us in this collective endeavor to build & grow the world’s Happiest Community where love, happiness and prosperity flows abundantly in every aspect of your life - be it your work, technology, finance or fun, travels and romance. May you find your way to the world's Happiest Community and embrace abundant love, happiness and prosperity that awaits you here.

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