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"Happiest Life Values" are the nectar of thousands of years of collective human wisdom, science and everything that our founder Āél Ma PJ learned from decades of traveling & living throughout the world & sharing profound experiences with vastly diverse people.

When people collectively practice ‘Happiest Life Values’, we create love, happiness, prosperity and we overcome challenges even in the most difficult times. On the contrary, in an environment where people do not practice these values, you become lonely & unhappy. This is exactly what is happening today in our society, schools, workplaces and social media.


Therefore, Āél Ma PJ founded ‘Happiest Community’™ where we love another, prosper and be happy by living 'Happiest Life Values' in everything - in work, fun, romance, finance, health, education, social media & everything else in person & online

Remember that just knowing these values is NOTHING, living them is EVERYTHING. Therefore, Happiest Community™ welcomes all the people who take this pledge:

I pledge to live the ‘11 Happiest Life Values’ at all times, in-person and online with my fellow members of ‘Happiest Community’.

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