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'11 Happiest Values' are the core universal good human values. In 11 Happiest Values, you hear the message of every great human - from Buddha to your Grandma. '11 Happiest Values' are the nectar of thousands of years of collective human wisdom, science and profound life experiences with countless diverse people around the world. As proven over ages and by science that when people collectively practice ‘Happiest Values’, we create abundant love, happiness, prosperity and we overcome challenges even in the most difficult times. On the contrary, in a society & work culture that neglects 'Happiest Values', people get trapped into negativity, anxiety, loneliness and unhappiness, which is exactly what's happening in today's society, schools, workplaces and social media. Therefore, we welcome all the people to ‘Happiest Community’™ to collectively live 'Happiest Values' in all aspects - from work, technology and finance to health, relationships and romance.

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