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Happiest Community H Symbol DA

“H” symbol represents our community, what we believe in and what we stand for. The design of “H” symbol beautifully combines these components:​

  • Number 11 in the middle for our 11 Happiest Values.

  • H alphabet at the center for 'Happiest' in 'Happiest Community'

  • Smile Arc which is also a stylized C alphabet (at 90° tilt) for Community in 'Happiest Community'

"H" Symbol Signals & Connects You with "Your People"

Cautiously or sub-cautiously, human beings send signals through gestures, symbols, art, fashion, verbal hints and other cues that represent your values in order to find "Your People", i.e. the Tribe/Community where you belong. When there’s a match, you just know it because it opens your heart and fills it with joy, happiness, friendship, purpose, warmth and belonging. You get reminded of who you are, what you stand for and where you belong.

In those moments, you forget all your stress, anxiety, heaviness, doubt, loneliness and disappointments. It unlocks happiness, hopes, self-respect, self-worth and self-awareness which remain locked up in you in your daily grind. These little moments of joy, love, hope, freedom and authenticity are all that matter. The more you share these moments with strangers and friends, the better and happier you feel about yourself and the world.

What could be a better way to signal than through Your Clothing!

What could be a better, more visible and a clearer way to signal, find and connect with "Your People" than through your clothing because humans are almost always in clothes except for maybe when you take shower, sleep and have sex and many times we do those things also with our clothes on; and everyone is in some clothing in their online profile photos, almost everyone, HaHaHa!

Therefore, “H” symbol on your clothes and in your photos wearing “H” on Twitter, LinkedIn, Bumble, Instagram and elsewhere magically sends signals to your tribe and empowers you to find each other. This is how Happiest Clothing brings humans together and turns them from strangers to a community: the world’s ‘Happiest Community’. Make That Change, Now:

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