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Once in a millennium opportunity to transform your life and change the world!

Here is a once in a millennium opportunity for you to be part of a revolution that will change the world and make you known forever as one of the pioneers who did that. It is absolutely FREE to join but more importantly it will set you FREE from anxiety & stress and you will pave the path for all of humankind towards shared values, love, meaning, joy and prosperity. Here’s how - we’re forming a global pioneering group of diverse people to engage with one another online & offline in various aspects of life - from work, technology and finance to fashion, friendship and romance; and in all these aspects, members practice Happiest Values with one another, that is, share pure love, joy, prosperity, positivity and no negativity, no judging, no hate, no grudges. As ancient wisdom, science and my decades of global experience prove, once you consistently & collectively practice Happiest Values, you will naturally set yourself free from anxiety, stress, loneliness, negativity and you will blossom into your truest and happiest-self. A little background - This opportunity is courtesy of countless kind humans who showered me with their incredible generosity and showed me the best of humankind across the world, which I was never meant to experience because people like me who come from humble backgrounds stay & die in our bubble - the bubble in which life means pretending to look richer, happier, better off than others, which ironically creates even more anxiety & stress. Even as a young boy, I believed that life must be something more than that so I took a leap of faith. With courage, support and great fortune, I ventured abroad and established myself as a successful young business executive and spent the next decade traveling & living globally, working with the smartest brains and business leaders across industries globally. But life had something else in plan. A series of events sparked in me a calling to take a completely different path - the one we all yearn for but very few have the privilege to embark on - the path to find meaning. So, for the next decade, I dedicated myself towards understanding the depth of the human mind, aspirations, emotions, motivation and purpose of life. I seeked guidance from science and ancient wisdom - studying the works of modern day top experts and the timeless message of Buddha, Socrates, Confucious and others. I personally learned from the Dalai Lama and other scholars, and practiced prolonged vipassana meditations in solitude, in monasteries, in jungles and traveled far to connect heart to heart with diverse humans from billionaires to bankrupts, Nobel Laureates to novices; and reflected on my own global professional & personal experiences. As I kept learning, I kept putting my learnings into practice in all aspects of life and work. Through countless ups and downs, trials and errors, gains and losses, failures and successes, I put together the nectar of thousands of years of collective human wisdom, science and profound global experiences, and the result is what I call 11 Happiest Values - - these are the core universal human values in which, you hear the message of every great human - from Buddha to your Grandma, and in them, you find the best life practices recommended by leading experts. Now, knowing these values is nothing, practicing them is everything. The world today is overwhelmed with knowledge & advice. The internet, TikTok, YouTube, Instagram are flooded with secrets of happiness but people still don’t practice these good human values because doing so requires a mutual exchange of absolute trust & vulnerability. Therefore, I founded ‘Happiest Community’ for people to safely, collectively practice Happiest Values and live your Happiest Life. So, grab this once in a millennium opportunity. Signup now at Soon, we’ll invite the selected humans to this pioneer group. See you my friend, the Happiest You at

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