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Patent Search: Prior Art, Patentability

FTO (Freedom to operate) Study

Invalidation, Validation Search

Technology Assessment & Landscape

Patents Portfolio Analysis

Monitoring R&D and Invention Trends

Patent Revenue Strategy

IP Due Diligence & Monetization

Technology Venturing

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Inventions and innovation when driven by good human values, become potent tools for positive transformation - technologically, economically and socially. This is exactly what our Patents and R&D research services empower you to do. Whether you are a large company, a law firm, university technology transfer, an inventor or R&D institution, Happiest Work is here to empower you to protect your intellectual property and unleash the power of your inventions and innovations to achieve commercial success and make a difference in the world. At the heart of our patents and R&D services is the belief in progress with a purpose, innovation with integrity and scientific endeavors that create prosperity and uplift humanity. At the core of our endeavors lies a commitment to inclusivity, sustainability, and empathy. We believe that advancements should never come at the expense of our environment or the well-being of our fellow humans. Therefore, through our cutting-edge R&D and patent research services, we empower world’s leading organizations to succeed commercially while enriching lives and promote a better future for generations to come.

With Happiest Work, you get great value with great values. You get top-quality business & technological solutions with honesty, empathy, integrity and a sense of community with diverse, inclusive, highly-talented and flexible project teams.
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We believe in a world where intellectual property fosters collaboration and cooperation, not competition at the expense of progress. By collaborating for research and development, we can address pressing global challenges - from healthcare inequalities to climate change. Imagine breakthrough medicines reaching those in need, clean energy solutions powering communities, and sustainable innovations driving economic growth while preserving our planet. Through collaboration and cooperation, we aim to break down barriers and ensure that every brilliant mind, regardless of background, has the opportunity to contribute to our collective progress. By striking a balance between protecting IP rights and sharing knowledge for the greater good, we can fuel a wave of innovation that transcends borders and empowers aspiring entrepreneurs from all walks of life. We firmly believe that technology and human values can go hand in hand.

We are revolutionizing the R&D, technology and patents landscape by infusing every interaction with great values + great value. Our cutting-edge R&D and patents services empower you to not only revolutionize technologies and industries but also to uplift humanity and foster global harmony.
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By providing a work collaboration platform that champions inclusivity, we can unleash the untapped potential of every mind, sparking a revolution in innovation that knows no boundaries. In this endeavor, we embrace diversity and empower innovators from all walks of life. Let us chart a new course, where R&D, patent solutions and research services embody the universal human values. Let’s together shape a future where technology and compassion unite, leading us towards a brighter, more equitable world for all. Together, let us embrace the audacious spirit that drives us to dream big, think differently, and dare to change the world for the better. Join us in this journey of collaborating for R&D and patent research services that are founded on the bedrock of good human values. Let's march forward, hand in hand, towards a brighter, innovative, technologically advanced, prosperous, peaceful, inclusive and happiest future.

Examples of Our Work

Innovative Solutions for Sustainable Energy Storage: A Patent Landscape Analysis
Enhancing Healthcare Technologies: Patent Search and Prior Art Analysis
Evaluating Emerging Trends in Artificial Intelligence: Technology Assessment & Landscape
Assessing the Patentability of Blockchain-Based Applications
Freedom to Operate Study for Autonomous Vehicle Technology
Validating the Patent Portfolio for 5G Communication Systems
Monitoring R&D Trends in Biotechnology and Pharmaceuticals: A Comprehensive Study
IP Due Diligence & Monetization for Green Technologies and Clean Energy
Patent Invalidation Services for Bioinformatics and Genetic Research
Analyzing Patents in the Field of Nanotechnology: Potential for Commercialization
Customized Patent Revenue Strategy for Advanced Materials and Manufacturing
Technology Venturing in Renewable Energy: Identifying Investment Opportunities
Patent Search and Prior Art Analysis for Novel Drug Delivery Systems
Exploring Patents in Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality Technologies
Assessing Intellectual Property for Sustainable Agriculture and Food Technologies
As a Happiest Community member, every Happiest Work expert is committed to practicing Happiest Values. Therefore, working with us empowers you to achieve your business goals with the greater good.
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