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Let's together foster a new kind of sales & marketing in which your customers love you, and your business thrives and the world becomes better & happier, one meaningful interaction at a time.


Customer & ​Consumer Insights

Digital Sales & Marketing Intelligence

Customer Experience Research

Game Changers Research

Benchmarking, Feasibility Studies

Customized Insights & Analytics

Products & Pricing Research

Ongoing Market Trends Capture

Customized Market Research

Happy Friends

It's about connecting with customers at a deeper level, understanding their needs and delivering solutions that truly make a difference in their lives. We empower you to do just that. We empower your business with research, insights, tools and strategies to authentically communicate your value with values, build brand loyalty, and inspire customer advocacy.

With Happiest Work, you get great value with great values. You get top-quality business & technological solutions with honesty, empathy, integrity and a sense of community with diverse, inclusive, highly-talented and flexible project teams.

Our customized research solutions enable your business to build meaningful relationships with your customers, grounded in trust, transparency and empathy. Our tailored solutions & ongoing support empower your business to achieve sustainable growth while staying true to core human values.

We are revolutionizing the sales & marketing landscape by infusing every interaction with great values + great value. We empower you to connect with your audience at a deeper level and inspire positive action with your business growth.
Surprising Mom

We are committed to help your business to be successful and make a positive difference in the lives of your customers by providing you insights, analysis and research that help you to provide services & products that truly enrich & improve people’s well-being. We are passionate about uncovering unique stories behind your brand and weaving them into compelling narratives that resonate with hearts and minds.

Examples of Our Work

Online Customer Retention and Upsell Program
Fintech Sales Growth Research & Analysis
Customer Experience Enhancement Analysis in Retail
Research for Identifying Digital Sales Growth Areas
Customized Analytics & Insights for US Gaming Industry
Research for Sales Growth Areas in Targeted Customers Segment
Product Benchmarking, Customer Analysis and Market Research
Weekly Customized Trends in Targeted E-Commerce Segments
Personalized Customer Journey Mapping
Data-Driven Ethical Marketing Strategies
Sustainable Product Launch Study
Partner Identification for Shared Values Partnerships
Thought Leadership Content Strategy
Customer Happiness and Advocacy Program
Product Pricing Analysis, Benchmarking Study and Survey
Interim Executives for Sales Growth, Business Development, Aligning Sales Goals With Strategy and Laying Foundation for Meaningful & Effective Sales Leadership.
As a Happiest Community member, every Happiest Work expert is committed to practicing Happiest Values. Therefore, working with us empowers you to achieve your business goals with the greater good.
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